DARE (Darussalam Enterprise) is a Statutory Body with the aim to nurture and support local enterprises from start-up to growth. DARE works closely with government and non-government agencies locally and abroad to foster the growth of business enterprises and increase GDP contribution.

Darussalam Enterprise
E-Government Industry
IT Consultancy, System, Cloud and Cyber Security


As a Statutory Body with the aim to nurture and support local enterprises from start-up to growth. Darrusalam Entrerprise (DARe) faces a challenge where there is a lot of the procedure involving paper for their applications screening process. As the challenge is to provide reliable data process and efficient process DARe is looking to digitize their process.


The Industrial Site Application Processing System (InsiteAPs) allows for new applicants to apply for new land or ready-built factory (previously known as complex). The system is able to process applications from the registration and data entry to the screening and approval process for a quick report ensuring better decision making.